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At La Ruffa Chiropractic & Sports Rehab, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic care to our patients. Below is a sampling of the different chiropractic services we offer in our Jupiter office.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. August La Ruffa performs a thorough history and examination to find the source of your problem.  He has advanced course work in sports injury techniques that will quickly resolve most problems and avoid surgery.   Dr. La Ruffa's career since 1992 has consisted of training and experience in spinal adjustments, manual therapy and, rehabilitation.

Corrective Exercises

We have licensed physical therapists on staff to teach our patients special "blueprint" exercises designed just for them to help strengthen and correct their own unique problem. These exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home and can improve the effectiveness of your spinal correction by as much as 30-40%. In addition to skeletal misalignment, muscles and connective tissues can be out of place or strained by improper alignment and use. Specific exercises and stretches can help your body stay in balance and in health.


Simply stated, acupuncture is a health science which is used to successfully treat both pain and dysfunction of the body.  The goal of acupuncture is to restore balance to the body by the stimulation of acupuncture points along the 12 meridians throughout the body.  It is believed that these 12 meridians maintain a flow of energy or "chi" which if blocked, restricted or over produced causes the body and or end organs heart, liver etc., to become DIS-EASED or not at ease.  The principles of acupuncture through the stimulation of acupuncture points will restore balance to the flow of chi and allow the body to heal. 

Nutritional Counseling

We provide specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices to enhance our patient´s return to optimal health. Do you know which supplements and vitamins are good for you. Dr. August La Ruffa can provide a structured nutritional program based on your individual needs.

Massage Therapy

Our office has massage therapists on staff that provide high quality therapeutic massage in a professional setting.  All of our therapists are all Florida licensed.  Many of our patients benefit from this service, as it can be used as part of their treatment plan and work directly with Dr. La Ruffa and/or our physical therapists.

Physical Therapy

To complement and enhance the healing effects the specific Chiropractic manipulative treatment Dr. La Ruffa performs, we at La Ruffa Chiropractic & Sports Rehab also have licensed physical therapists on staff to provide the following physiological therapeutic procedures:


  • Core Strengthening    
  • Functional Rehabilitation
  • Mechanical Traction
  • Interferential Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Cryotherapy
  • Moist Heat Therapy

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